The Anatomy of the Couple: The seven principles of love

When we are in a couple, when we question ourselves about the experience of coupledom or as we form a new partnership, very often we forget that the couple is a third compared to the two that compose it. The couple has its own rules, its phases, its needs, its conscience. Very often the difficulties that we encounter in the affairs of love are linked precisely to this, to the inability to read and guide the couple by building a true union that is recalls this third being made by two.

What exactly does that mean? How can we create union in the couple? A journey towards unconditional love and true inner happiness, starting with the most recent discoveries in neuroscience and energetic psychology, which leads to the peaks of a reflection on the Soul and the leap of Conscience that Love offers us, enriched by real cases and stories and accompanied by a practical guide for the happy couple which is both comprehensive and effective. The love which we can live today is no longer destined to make us suffer, but to make us free. Now, more than ever, we can know its anatomy and penetrate its mysteries.

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Erica F. Poli is a psychiatric doctor, psychotherapist and counsellor. As a member of scientific societies including IEDTA, ISTDP Institute and OPIFER, her background includes a profound and eclectic psychotherapeutic training that has granted her the skill to bridge the world of the psyche with that of spirituality. Therein she has developed her own personal interdisciplinary and psychosomatic working method which is continuously updated through her active participation in and organization of courses, congresses and scientific publications.

She is dedicated to the development of Integrative Medicine with the implementation of traditional pharmacology with phyto and nutraceuticals, and the use of innovative and deeply rooted therapeutic techniques grounded in modern neuro-scientific knowledge on the functioning of the mind. She is not limited by treating single psychic disturbances but takes care of and shows attention to each person as a mind-body whole.

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